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We constantly buy deciduous and coniferuous paletwood logs

We value the loyalty and cousistency of our Suppliers!


Prices from 4 August 2023:

Deciduous logs 59 EUR/m3

Coniferous logs 61 EUR/m3


For guantities over 150 m3/ 30 - 45 days, for FSC cerified wood - paid Plus 1 - 3 Eur/m3 !

White alder logs 53 Eur/m3

Coniferous logs without bark and with color changes 51 Eur/m3

Broken logs  10 Eur/m3

Unlouding- 24 hours a day without holidays

We can unload loggers from Monday to Friday, from 5:00 to 23:00

Precise guantity measurement by automated sorting line.

The logs must meet general requirement such as:

 - Diameter in the thin end without bark from 14 cm to 26 cm;

 -  12 - 13 cm and more than 26 cm - lower price; minus -10 Eur/m3

 - Types of wood: coniferuous: spruce, pine, desiduous : birch, alder, aspen, linden;

 - Length: 2,4m, + 10cm overlap;

 - Without double curvature;

 - Single curvature up to 5%;

 - Without rotting, creeping, well- grooved branches - up to 2cm long;

 - Deadwood - only without bruises, longitudinal cracks, beetle worm - holes

 - Impurities of metals and other solids are not permitted.


The selling party has to provide all the required purchasing documentation, including documents confirming ownership of the property and authorization to conduct the logging.


Before submitting the first lot of wood, it is necessary to coordinate with the representative of JSC Volimeda:


Mr. Aurelijus Žilėnas (in charge of purchases)

E-mail:  azholz@gmail.com  and  aurelijus@volimeda.lt ; mobile phone : +370 698 27917


Mrs. Adelė Paulauskienė, Director

E-mail:  ada@volimeda.lt ;  mobile phone: +370 616 39354


Transport services

Volimeda is interested in transportation services in Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands and Latvia.

For more information on the volume, potential destinations and pricing please contact:

Mrs. Adelė Paulauskienė (in charge of logistics)

E-mail:  : ada​@volimeda.lt  ; mobile phone +370 616 39354